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Below is a complete list of our home inspection services, pricing, and add-ons.

Small to Medium Homes

Large to X-Large Homes

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Now Serving: Yavapai And Maricopa Counties Since 2009.

*additional fees may apply for distance and complexity of home.

Quality Home Inspection Services for Yavapai and Maricopa Counties

Home Inspection Services

At Wright Inspections LLC, All Home Inspections Are Performed By Certified Home Inspector Daren Wright

Buyers Home Inspection

The Buyers Home Inspection (includes thermal imaging), typically performed for buyers to get a full evaluation of a home and what repairs may be needed.

Partial Home Inspections

Partial inspections may be performed on new roof installations, room additions, or large remodel jobs to ensure your contractors are performing to industry standards. This may be done prior to making a final payment to the contractor.

New construction Phase Inspections

New construction Phase Inspections may be performed prior to pouring the concrete slab and prior to drywall. Many underlying aspects of the home can be evaluated at this time.

New construction Phase Inspections

The New Home Inspection, performed at the time of delivery of a newly built home, this inspection is much more critical of the fit and finish of the new home. We are here to help you get the best new home possible from your builder.

Sellers Home Inspection

The Sellers Home Inspection, performed to evaluate what may need repairs to get the home ready for a quick and smooth sale. Also known as “Move In Certified”, the report can be updated after repairs are made and then used as a marketing tool.

1-Year Warranty Inspection

A 1-Year Warranty inspection is performed just before you call your builder to do a “1 Year Punch”. We will interview you about any concerns after living in the home and then perform a thorough home inspection to be sure your home was built correctly and look for any items that may be failing, wearing prematurely, settling, cracking, or not performing as intended.

Mold inspection and Mold Testing

Mold inspection and Mold testing may be performed to ensure a home buyer or current occupant that there is not a mold problem in a home or apartment, to determine the existence and source of mold in a home where the occupants are getting sick, or to provide clearance after a mold remediation has been performed.

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Inspection Services

Learn More About Our Comprehensive Maricopa and Yavapai County Inspection Services Below:

Home Inspections

Home Inspections

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Frame Inspections

Frame Inspections

Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections

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Over 25 Years Of Homebuilding Experience

Choose the Wright Inspector for all of your Home Inspection needs.

Think about your needs and what you wish to gain from a home inspection. Do you want a home that is safe for your family? Do you want a home that is structurally sound?

Would you like to know what expensive repairs may be lurking around the corner? What is more important, price, or quality service?

photo of certified home inspector daren wright

Daren Wright

Certified Home Inspector

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Have Questions?

Below Are Some Common Questions For Home Inspectors Serving the Phoenix and Prescott Regions

We encourage clients to come at the end of the inspection. This allows me to be focused with no distractions and then at the end, we can walk around the home and go over the findings and I can answer any questions you have about the home.

You are not required to be present. I will send you an easy-to-read report with photos and after you read it, you are welcome to call me to go over things.

Whenever possible, I inspect from the roof surface. Walking a roof is always the best way to see everything, but sometimes it is not possible.  Some roofs are too tall, so a pole camera may be used. Some cannot be walked on, such as clay tiles or new construction (builders do not allow it). These are inspected from the ladder at roof edge or with pole camera.

Regardless of the heat, I always go into the attic as long as there is access. Most attics are inspected from the platform or walkway. I do not crawl through the insulation because it can be dangerous, cause damage, and ruin the insulation value.

Visual inspection for mold and any evidence of moisture problems is included in the inspection. Air testing and mold testing can be added to a home inspection at a significant savings over a separate mold inspection.

No extra charge and the Thermal Imaging camera comes out on every inspection.  My high-quality Fluke camera has paid for itself in the time savings and ability to provide a better service and there is no reason to charge extra. It quickly allows me to find active moisture problems and areas of missing insulation.

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