Termite Inspections


Do you need a termite inspection? Your lender may require a pest inspection or Wood Destroying Insect inspection. But even if the lender does not require, wouldn’t you want to know if you had a problem. Regardless of where the home is, there is always the potential of one insect or another damaging your home. The southern warmer areas have subterranean termites, while the cooler, higher elevations will have drywood termites, carpenter bees, and numerous types of beetles that can ravage your homes wood structure. 


 If your home is in the middle area, southern Yavapai county, You may have the pleasure of subterraneans termites and drywood termites co habitating, doing double damage.

drywood termites

A termite inspection is different from a home inspection. A home inspection is a visual inspection only and does not allow poking, prodding, pick testing of wood or anything that may damage a finished surface, while a termite inspection requires that we verify the integrity of wood. At times we must probe to determine the type of insect causing the damage, and to determine the extent of the damage.

drywood termites

So when you add a termite inspection to your home inspection, you hire me to use my termite inspection license which allows a more thorough inspection and provides a Wood Destroying Organisn report for your lender or your BINSER request for repairs.


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