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Home inspection services being performed by Daren Wright

Experience, Experience, Experience. When you are purchasing a home and spending$400-700K or more on a home, you want a home inspector with real world experience, not just a certificate he earned online. At Wright Inspections, I, Daren Wright, have 40 years of combined home building and inspection experience, since 1984. I’ve performed over 5000 inspections since 2009. I am well versed in all aspects of home building, termites, mold testing, Pool structure and equipment, and Radon testing. All services are offered at a reasonable price.

Sewer camera inspection? No, I won’t offer that beacuse I don’t have the knowledge to back it up like the professional plumbers I work with and can refer you to. Many home inspectors are rushing out to buy a sewer camera and all I hear are complaints about subpar service and a report that the buyer can’t understand. The tools are no good without the knowledge and experience.

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Wright Inspections is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive, honest, and thorough home inspection available. We have extensive experience in all areas of construction and will provide an unbiased opinion on your property’s condition.

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