The daily Hazards of Home Inspection

Being a home inspector in Arizona brings many hazards. On a daily basis, we stick our hands and heads in places homeowners often don’t go, and deal with many common issues and an occasional uncommon suprise.

dusty home inspection

Most common and almost daily is having to open 15 or more windows that are buried in dust, and often we have to open the blinds first and get the DUST SHOWER!

black widow

Always look before you reach in with a plug! Very often I find the outlet covers are home to a Black Widow spider!

I always check the electric panel for open holes or gaps. Sometimes I open the panel to find a wasp nest, and this one was not happy to be disturbed!

home inspector wasp attack

this guy bit me on the ear!

Less dramatic, but still a health hazard, is being exposed to unknowns such as hidden mold. Sometimes an area looks suspicious and upon closer examination I find mold under the carpet. No wonder I was sneezing the whole time there!

home inspector mold

There is always the hazards of crawling around in the attic. There is a reason we are not required to crawl through trusses, but sometimes we do it anyway to get a better look.  This looks like evidence of a truss web breaking and someone falling through the ceiling.  Never trust a 30 yr old attic baked 2×4!

home inspector in attic

So those are just a few of the things that make a good day go bad for a home inspector.

Daren Wright


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