Grading and Drainage

grade and slope

Is yard properly graded?

This week we are talking about grading and drainage. We live in the desert right? It never rains here. Yes it does. In the summer we get bursts of heavy rain that flood our yards. In the winter we can get repeated rains an in cool weather, the soil does not dry out. This moisture can soak in under your home and cause soil expansion and lifting, especially on newer post tensioned slab homes. My own home has these problems and I have been trying to improve the drainage to get the water to the front instead of soaking in. I have cracks at arches, cracks at wall to ceiling joints, doors out of square, and my two year old cabinets and counter are pulling away from the wall- all from uplift! If you have problem areas, rake back the gravel to get a better look. run the hose and see where it goes. you can put plastic down to flow test without making mud. Once it drains good, put down black 6 mil plastic and cover with gravel.

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