Home inspections in a crazy market

The news is full of stories about the housing crisis. Is it a bubble? Will prices drop or continue to rise? Nobody knows what is going to happen but everybody is trying to cash in and none of the buyers can find a decent home at a decent price. The home inspection is more important now than ever. You can waive the inspection to get your offer accepted, but still get the inspection. You may realize there’s too much wrong to support the high price. I have been looking to buy myself and all I am finding is higher prices and homes in worse condition. What I passed over six months ago would be a great bargain now! In this tough housing market, you need a good realtor, and a good inspector. Don’t end up with buyers remorse. And if you need a good realtor, call the Wright Inspector, I know plenty of them. Home inspections from Phoenix to Prescott

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Wright Inspections is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive, honest, and thorough home inspection available. We have extensive experience in all areas of construction and will provide an unbiased opinion on your property’s condition.

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